What is Rhodochrosite? the Combination of Rhodochrosite and Jewelry! the Efficacy and Function of Rhodochrosite!

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It is not as famous as a few famous treasures, and different from jade with astonishing output. The little-known Rhodochrosite seems to be an overnight legend. Today, it always appears in major jewelry exhibition showcases, and frequently appears in the ears and necks of celebrities.

Rhodochrosite 3

In the world of jewelry, legends of overnight fame abound. There were tourmalines and turquoise before, and spinels and lapis lazuli. People have never stopped discovering gemstones. Now, the originally little-known Rhodochrosite has only taken a few years to attract jewelry again with the rapid price increase. The attention of people inside and outside the circle.

Rhodochrosite related to love
Rhodochrosite 5

You must buy diamonds to propose, and red gems to show your love. All the gems related to love have made a great mark in the history of jewelry. Looking closely at the reasons, love is undoubtedly an immortal topic. Secondly, when capable and tasteful women are in an era where they can easily get the rich material life they want with their own abilities, their desire for spirit has far exceeded material expectations. Therefore, it is natural for Rhodochrosite, which has the reputation of “love spirit stone”, to rise to fame overnight.

Rhodochrosite 4
Rhodochrosite as long as it is beautiful is enough
Rhodochrosite 2

Beauty, durability and scarcity, these are the three most stringent criteria for whether a small crystal can become a gemstone to be handed down for generations. Even if the hardness of Rhodochrosite is far less than that of diamonds and rubies, and the output is far more than that of gold emerald cat’s eye, but the red rose-like beauty, the ice-like emerald-like moisture, like the crystals and pink jelly beans that make you love it. A legend that swept the global jewelry industry overnight.

Rhodochrosite 11
Section of Rhodochrosite blooming like a rose
Rhodochrosite 8

Rhodochrosite was first produced in Argentina. The red and white concentric patterns on the cross-section of the crystal are as delicate and beautiful as a blooming rose. It is also known as the “Inca Rose” because it was discovered in Argentina. The Inca civilization that flourished in the 15th century can be called the “Roman civilization” of the Americas, and the enthusiastic American people gave the rhododendron the name of “Inca Rose”, which is regarded as the national stone of Argentina, which shows its cultural status.

Rhodochrosite 1
Rhodochrosite is not a crystal
Rhodochrosite 9

Regardless of yellow, white, pink or purple, the chemical composition of crystal is SiO2 silica, while the main chemical composition of Rhodochrosite is MnCo3 manganese carbonate, which also verifies that the output of Rhodochrosite is much lower than that of crystal. Therefore, many businesses classify Rhodochrosite as a crystal, which is a very unscientific classification. Rhodochrosite also has levels.

The most beautiful texture, striped Rhodochrosite
Rhodochrosite 7

The most typical Rhodochrosite is actually a pink gemstone with a creamy white concentric texture. Because of its rough texture, it is often used to make bracelets with special textures or carved into ornaments. The most ingenious theme is the layered, pink and white.

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