The world’s top ten luxury jewelry brands

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Women are exquisite and confident because of jewelry, and jewelry is glorious because of women; remember a celebrity who said: “Diamonds are naturally attractive to women!”

The New York Luxury Research and Investigation Agency recently conducted a “Luxury Value Index” survey on top jewelry brands among high-end consumers, and released the top ten jewelry brands in the world.

Want to know who is the uncrowned king of the jewelry world? Let us take a look at the top ten rankings below!

Tenth place: MIKIMOTO


“One hundred years of artificial pearl breeding history, blooming pure and flawless pearl charm”

Founding place: Japan

Year of founding: 1893

Founder: Kokichi Mikimoto

The tenth place is not gold, silver, nor diamonds, but a Japanese brand known for its gentle, quiet, elegant and noble pearl works.


Said the founder Yukichi Mikimoto

“Only by insisting on producing the highest quality cultured pearls, will there be hope for Japanese cultured pearls!”

This is Mikimoto’s vision and one of the factors that contributed to his reputation as “The Pearl King.”


Di Ali Reba will be the Asian spokesperson of the Mikimoto brand. The noble and playful Reba paired with MIKIMOTO pearls is like a fairy falling into the world.


Ninth place: BVLGARI


“The Kingdom of Color, the Innovator of Unique Jewelry Inlay Technology”

Founding place: Italy

Year of founding: 1884

Founder: Sotirio Bulgari (Sotirio Bulgari)

The famous Bulgari ranks ninth, so the old lady can’t help wondering what brand is the first place? (Follow and want to enjoy the official account to tell you)

Bulgari’s style has always been bold and unique, but it also combines classical and modern features. It is inspired by Greek elegance, Italian Renaissance and metallurgical technology in the 19th century to create Bulgari’s unique style.



Rings, bracelets

Bulgari uses color as the essence of design in the production of jewelry, and uniquely uses a variety of different colors of gems for matching and combination, and then uses different materials of bases to highlight the dazzling colors of gems.


Eighth place: Chopard

Chopard 4

“The Happy Diamond with the Perfect Combination of Tradition and Passion”

Founding place: Switzerland

Year of founding: 1860

Chopard 5

Founder: Louis Ulysse Chopard

Chopard’s product style is exquisite craftsmanship and fashionable dynamics. The brand is well-known for its design with sliding diamonds in the interior of the watch frame. Especially for women’s watches, it has brought this creativity to perfection. Launched a series of infinite Joy’s jewelry wrist treasure series, with exquisite and lovely design, promotes the spirit of happiness.

Chopard 1
Chopard 3
Chopard 2

Seventh place: Cartier

Cartier 1

“There is an occasion where you will never forget Cartier, that is the palace of the wedding”

The combination of the characteristics of the times and the charm of traditional craftsmanship is the highest state that Cartier’s high-end jewelry series has been pursuing. In the smooth lines and clear colors, Cartier interprets the true meaning of beauty.

“The beauty lies in simplicity rather than complexity, harmony rather than conflict”

Cartier 3
Cartier 2

Its most classic jewelry series include Bridal, Trinity (Friendship-Platinum, Loyalty-Gold, Love-Rose Gold), LOVE, Panthère de Cartier.

Cartier 8
Cartier 9
Cartier 6

Cartier is the royal jeweler of European countries and is known as “the emperor of jewelers, the emperor’s jeweler”. The British royal family once ordered 27 crowns from Cartier for coronation.

Cartier 4
Cartier 10

At the same time, Cartier is also the darling of many stars. With the development of the Hollywood film industry, CARTIER has become an ideal partner for producers, attracting many directors, stars and audiences, creating a unique film and television myth.

Cartier 5

Sixth place: PIAGET


“Use the exquisite craftsmanship of watchmaking to make jewelry and develop unique pieces”

Founding place: Switzerland

Year of founding: 1874

Founder: Georges Edouard Piaget (George Edward Earl)

Piaget high-end jewelry perfectly continues the aesthetic style of Piaget watches, the ultimate jewelry like watches, majestic and luxurious


In 1874, Georges Edouard Piaget started with movement production. In 1956, Piaget introduced the ultra-thin movement. Since the 1960s, Piaget has devoted himself to the research of complex movements while developing the design of top jewellery. From designing, making wax models to inlaying gemstones, Piaget always adheres to the tenet of excellence.


Fifth place: Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany Co. 5

“The Queen of Jewelry, Tiffany Blue that hits the girl’s heart”

Founding place: United States

Year of founding: 1837

Founder: Tiffany & Co. (Tiffany)

Tiffany has always regarded the design of original works with stunning beauty as its purpose. It has been famous for its romantic dream theme for nearly two centuries.

Tiffany Co. 1

With the unique Tiffany blue, every girl has a romantic girly dream, and this touch of blue hits the heart and travels through the heart.

Tiffany Co. 6
Tiffany Co. 4

Just like Hepburn’s famous line in “Tiffany Breakfast”, “Eating breakfast at Tiffany will not make you unpleasant”, beautiful jewelry can always soothe the fragile hearts of girls.

Tiffany Co. 2

Fourth place: Graff

Graff 5

“The unique diamond among diamonds, the king among haute couture”

Founding place: UK

Year of founding: 1993

Founder: GRAFF (Graff)

This brand, the official website name is very domineering: unparalleled luxury country. The dazzling jewelry design is inspired by the geometric aesthetics of nature.

Graff 4

GRAFF means the most incredible gem in the world.

Uniqueness and absolute high quality are the main characteristics of GRAFF jewelry. In Haute Couture Jewelry, an absolute luxury jewelry territory, GRAFF is the diamond among diamonds.

Graff 1

Even the decoration of the GRAFF jewelry store is very luxurious and elegant, perfectly recreating the beautiful and prosperous scene of the Enlightenment period, creating the decadent feeling of Versailles in the 18th century.

Graff 6
Graff 7
Graff 3

Third place: Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef Arpels 1

“Shakespeare’s poetic and romantic jewelry garden, a dreamland where elves live”

Founded in Paris in 1906, Van Cleef & Arpels adheres to the original design style, using dazzling gems and combining poetic creations. Unlike the first two jewels, VanCleef&Arpels brings a romantic atmosphere unique to the French.

Van Cleef Arpels 2

A jewelry brand with a love story

Van Cleef & Arpels was born from a beautiful marriage. At the end of the 19th century, Estelle Arpels, the daughter of a jewellery family, and Alfred Van Cleef, the son of a gem and diamond dealer, joined forces. The two discussed Van Cleef’s The first boutique opened to the 22nd Place Vendôme.

Van Cleef Arpels 3

It is not difficult to see that the other jewelry brands in this ranking are almost all named after their founders, and Van Cleef & Arpels is the perfect combination of the two surnames.

In the world of jewelry, you can’t be indifferent to Van Cleef & Arpels. What it represents is definitely not the jewel in the general sense, but the sublime French temperament. It is a mixture of love and dreams, a self-evident symbol.

Van Cleef Arpels 4
Van Cleef Arpels 5

Second place: BUCCELLATI

Buccellati 3

“The miracle of craftsmanship, the unique sense of art”

Founding place: Italy

Year of founding: 1919

Founder: Mario Buccellati (Mario Buccellati)

What makes Buccellati unique is the sense of art reflected in the jewelry design. Buccellati’s work is not just a piece of jewelry, but a miracle of manual craftsmanship, a unique masterpiece.

Unique skill: golden lace

Mario has a set of exquisite unique skills, which was used by goldsmiths during the Renaissance, and then gradually lost a gold carving technique-texture carving gold.

Buccellati 4

The craftsmen of Buccellati use several ancient and special knives for carving and weaving, giving gold and silver the best ductility and plasticity. The soft “gauze” effect, the different gold “weaving” techniques, and the exquisite variety of gems make the exquisite and slender style amazing.

Buccellati 2


With superb craftsmanship and perfect design, Mario was hailed as the “Prince of Golden Art” by the famous Italian poet and playwright Gabriel Dengnan.、

Buccellati 1

Of course, in addition to the unique gold craftsmanship, Buccellati’s Jewelry Garden series presents another noble and gentle beauty. However, it deserves to be ranked second for this unique skill of other people’s golden lace.

Buccellati 5
Buccellati 7

First place: HARRY WINSTON


“Owning a Hai Rui Winston jewel means being with the legend.”

Founding place: United States

Year of founding: 1932

Founder: Harry Winston

As a super jewelry brand with a global reputation for more than a century, HW’s superb craftsmanship and careful consideration in cutting diamonds are enough to make Harry Winston the uncrowned king of the jewelry industry.


After all, diamonds, something that women dream of, can increase their value several times when they change hands. Few people can do it.

Harry Winston once said: “If I can, I hope I can set diamonds directly on women’s skin.” His fanatical love for diamond jewelry can be said to be beyond words, and people even dubbed him the “king of diamonds”. .


The founder has never revealed his appearance in front of the camera

Speaking of Harry Winston, there are some short stories. Due to his unpredictable value, Harry Winston was requested by the insurance company that he must never be photographed clearly by the camera. His true face must also be revealed to the world after his death. It’s really low-key and mysterious.

In addition to royal nobles such as Queen Elizabeth and the Duchess of Windsor, well-known Hollywood movie stars are the favorites of Harry Winston jewelry.

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