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watches worth buying by girls

Watches worth buying by girls,Adding interesting ideas and elaborate layout on the classic elements of the brand, in addition to looking at the time, these unexpected pleasures are the more added value of mechanical watches.

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At first glance, this watch does not seem to surpass the huge stunning Cartier brings us, but when you pick it up, the seemingly insignificant small gold beads on the dial are the biggest highlight of the whole watch. As long as you gently turn your wrist while wearing the watch, the tiny gold beads on the dial will roll along the meticulously designed track, gradually sketching Cartier’s most classic cheetah pattern.

The golden ball transition track is full, and the cheetah pattern will disappear immediately. The inspiration of this design is aimed at the hourglass. The transformation of the golden ball is just like a fleeting painting, which seems to remind us The delicate and gorgeous time flows quietly at the same time.

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The watch is available in three colors: red, green and black. Among them, the green and red models are limited to one hundred pieces in the world.

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This is the first time Piaget has released a ladies watch in the Possession series, following the classic rotatable design of the Possession series. There are definitely many people in life who will have some small movements when venting or thinking about problems, and this watch may become a plaything at your hand. The rotatable diamond ring on the outer ring of the dial may also help you Open your mind.


In addition, the combination of the malachite dial and the ring-woven gold bracelet is also eye-catching. Abandoning the traditional strap and choosing a gold ring weave makes this watch not only a watch, but also a good choice as a bracelet.

Van Cleef & Arpels Marguerite Secrète

Daisies have always been the source of inspiration for Van Cleef & Arpels. Since the 1920s, they have created a number of excellent works handed down to the world. This year, Van Cleef & Arpels created this secret watch with daisies as the prototype. With the yellow sapphire flower, you can see the diamond dial. The whole bracelet is like a guardian flower of time.

Van Cleef & Arpels Marguerite Secrète

The most interesting thing about this watch is the three-dimensional relief hot air balloon pattern on the dial. In the past, God was a challenge for predecessors, but now, how to make a three-dimensional relief of the pattern is also difficult for the hand-carved masters of Vacheron Constantin workshop. The reason why the hot air balloon on the dial looks 3D is that the master craftsman continuously adds layering to the original two-dimensional pattern, and adds color through the polishing and modification process. In order to more truly restore the magnificent landscape, the decorative details and patterns are portrayed.

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There are five models of Métiers d’Art Les Aérostiers watches, each of which has a different hot air balloon engraved on the dial, which traces five exciting flight feats in history. Through the transparent case back, the wearer can also appreciate the finely polished movement. The gold oscillating weight is also engraved with the exclusive micro-arch hot air balloon pattern, which complements the hot air balloon theme.


Galaxy: Starry sky, how to express the brilliance of starry sky in a small watch? Parmigiani Parmigiani chose to use aventurine to make the dial, through the material to express the starry constellation, restore a starry sky. If you look closely, you will find that there is no second hand. In fact, the star above the 6 o’clock position just replaces the movement of the second hand, and it will turn once every minute.


As early as 2008, Parmigiani Fleurier launched the brand’s first women’s mechanical watch series-Kalparisma watch series. Now, the release of Kalparisma Nova Galaxy watch is also to celebrate the tenth anniversary of this extraordinary watch series. In order to show the unique charm and temperament of ladies.

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The cat’s eyes are charming and full of mystery, as is the case with Girard Perregaux. The bezel inlaid with diamonds of various sizes embraces the crown, highlighting the legendary appearance of the series: the oval wraps the circle, and the unique appearance symbolizes the ultimate and charming feminine beauty. Under the visual effect, it seems that the dial is set with diamonds to extend to the strap. These characteristics make the watch look larger in size, thus creating a shape that is sometimes prominent and sometimes sunken, like being in a dream under the influence of optical effects.

At six o’clock, the platinum dial will turn a full circle in 24 hours. Through the depiction of the image of the day and night, the image shows you the changes of the day: one side is a strong, brilliant sun, and the other is an elegant moon. As time goes by, days and months alternately appear or hide under the semi-circular diamond pattern.

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