Let time wrap around your wrists, Bvlgari revitalizes Symphony

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Van Gogh’s “Starry Sky”; Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa”; Edward Munch’s “Scream” and Monet’s “Water Lily”, looking at these world-class famous paintings, the painters behind them are all admired by the world The master of painting is also a master of color who uses color to express himself. Different colors can often give us different feelings, and even through color matching can help us judge a person’s personality, Bulgari’s Serpenti series has launched a new design, through personalized customization, so that you also have the opportunity to be yourself Master of color matching.

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The most beautiful love story lasts forever and is constantly being reinterpreted. Women are best at this kind of face-lifting magic, which is an art, a rare ability in the world. A new hairstyle, a new dress, an accessory can make women instantly refreshed without losing their personality. In the animal world, pythons also have this ever-changing magic. It represents the eternal regenerative ability. Like Serpenti, the transformation never stops.

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Today, Bulgari has adopted countless new ways to interpret the flexible posture of the python, constantly giving new sparks to the gold craftsmanship and high-end jewelry. Through the double-circle bracelet made of rare leather, it transcends inertial thinking and pushes the youthful Serpenti watch to a new level of artistic expression.

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Adhering to the traditional genes of the Serpenti series, the new bracelet is made of non-toxic water snake snake skin, thin and flexible, with medium-sized scales between lizard skin and common snake skin. Precious materials, original and unique design, and meticulous tanning technology make the leather more pleasing, smooth, comfortable and durable. The surface of the leather is colored with natural paint, and the outermost layer is varnished to add a delicate luster, and the vivid and vivid colors are in harmony with the dial.

Instantaneous transformation

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This stylish watch boldly shows off its colorful interior. In this era of accelerated rhythm, with an extremely practical fastening system, Serpenti can easily replace the strap, with a stainless steel, rose gold case, transformed into a diamond or non-diamond style, the wearer can switch the style at will .
On the dial with a delicate lacquered surface of 27 mm in diameter or a sunray guilloché pattern, the subtle details are matched with the color of the dial surface-black, red, green and white. The watch is equipped with Calibre B033 quartz movement and a crown cut tourmaline inlaid on the crown, which subtly interprets Bulgari’s iconic jewelry characteristics.

Variations as you like: more than 300 colorful Serpenti

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Choose the case and dial according to personal preferences to form the most sophisticated style, personalized custom exclusive Serpenti watch. An app developed by Bulgari can provide this personalized service conveniently. In many boutiques of the brand, customers can use this APP on a tablet computer, choose their favorite case, dial and gem inlay to create their own customized watch. At the same time, customers can also engrave personalized text on the back of the case. The rich mix can form 312 colorful styles, so that every woman can define her own Serpenti-an exclusive design that will always be satisfactory.

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The change of Serpenti presents a kind of beauty that penetrates into the soul: the beautiful love story never ends…

Case, dial and strap

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The case has a diameter of 27 mm and is made of stainless steel or rose gold. According to different styles, diamonds are optionally set on the bezel. There are also a variety of dial colors, including black lacquer, mother-of-pearl and sun-ray guilloché. And the waterproof depth can reach 50 meters.

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The material of the strap is water snakeskin and calfskin. The water snakeskin strap has a total of five colors, namely black, red, white, green and chestnut brown, which can be easily replaced; the calf leather strap has a total of six colors to choose from: sapphire, agate white, ruby ​​red, light brown, Black and emerald.

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Bulgari, an enterprise of the LVMH Group, was founded in 1884. From a jewelry store, it has gradually developed into a gorgeous jewelry brand that symbolizes Italy’s excellent quality. By opening a retail network in the world’s top shopping districts and building a complete diversified product service line from jewelry, high-end watches, various types of leather goods, silverware and perfumes to hotels, Bulgari is renowned in the international luxury market and has achieved Excellent success.

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