Is there any value in custom jewelry in the same style as the brand’s jewelry?

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What is the value of customized brand jewelry?

A customer often asks a question. Is it worthwhile for a privately ordered brand of the same type of goods? To answer this question, we first listen to a true story. The handmade yak velvet scarf and handmade yak leather bag in Tibet were the same item. After being acquired by Hermès, the label and packaging of Hermès were affixed, and the price immediately increased by 10 times. So why do people know that they are the same thing, and people are willing to pay 10 times higher price to buy such an item from Tibet instead of directly buying this item from Tibet. Is there any difference between the goods produced in Tibet and the one Hermes? The difference is only the label and packaging of Hermes! People are willing to spend more money to buy, there must be a reason. Hermes is a famous luxury brand, wearing Hermes products is a symbol of noble status. For the same product, the goods produced in Tibet have no sense of status and dignity, at best they are nothing more than exquisite handicrafts.


A brand is a symbol, a culture, with its own cultural connotation, distinguished from other products by its uniqueness

The historical accumulation, cultural connotation and marketing of famous luxury brands have caused people to have the same emotions as religion: worship and admiration. The consumption of luxury goods is the consumption of the wealthy class. It is an emotional consumption. It is determined by the characteristics of perceptual consumption, which is to shock people and move the emotions of consumers. Sometimes these may not need reason or logic. In contrast, rational consumption is the consumption of the non-wealthy class, emphasizing the reasons and logic of the purchase behavior, that is, more emphasis on use value and functional benefits. Jewelry is a piece of jewelry made of precious stones and precious metals. It has cultural and artistic connotations, is a work of art with noble materials, and is a luxury. Its value is composed of two parts: material value and emotional value (cultural art + historical humanities). The former is tangible and the latter is intangible. The intangible emotional value of luxury goods accounts for a larger proportion, which can also be understood as the premium of the brand, which is the value of goodwill. Among the above-mentioned Hermes Tibetan handmade yak products, Hermes has made it a luxury of its own brand, which is OEM or brand certification. The certification of the brand is to give the Hermes brand of Tibetan yak cowhide handicrafts to the value of the Hermes brand and promote a 10-fold increase in value. This is the difference between Hermès brand luxury goods and Tibetan yak handicrafts. The added value is not related to materials and practicality, nor to the aesthetics of modeling.


Another example related to the increased value of brand certification is that, according to Lindstrom, the “off mackerel” in Japan’s Bungo Waterway-a small gray-pink mackerel. In 1987, the price was 1,000 yen per article, which was regarded as food for the poor. However, in 1988, the Japanese government granted the official certification for “Kuan mackerel” to prove the superior taste and high quality of fish meat. Officially certified, the retail price of “Guan mackerel” has increased by 600%, because “Guan mackerel” has become a brand. Still that fish, the 600% increase in price is the added value of the brand. This is actually the same reason that the handicrafts of Tibetan yak leather are certified by Herme

Personalized jewelry, similar to famous brands, lacks brand value

The style of privately-made jewelry may be similar to that of a famous brand, and is similar to the style of a famous brand. What is missing is the certification of the brand, and what is missing is the value of the brand. In addition to the characteristics of its iconic symbols, products and packaging, the value of the brand also involves the experience of the brand and the emotional experience of the consumption process. When you go to a specialty store to consume, the store’s environment and service experience have become the brand’s luxury owner who has received the enviable experience from others and the sense of nobility of owning the brand. These are the values ​​of the brand, not what ordinary products can bring you.

Personalized jewelry similar to famous brands lacks brand value

What is the value of private custom-made brand-name jewelry?

So, what is the value of private custom-made brand-name jewelry? As long as no intellectual property rights are involved, such a high-quality, inexpensive and cost-effective jewelry has its own value. The price advantage is needless to say, it may be 1/3 to 1/5 of the price of a similar brand, the material is even better, the craft is not bad, and it is almost indistinguishable from the famous brand products. In addition, the first is its artistic beauty. The popularity of these styles shows that its artistic beauty is recognized by consumers, and even led by the celebrity consumer fashion. Of course, this similar style is sometimes designed by design masters, and has the artistic beauty of its design. Secondly, in addition to the lack of brand symbols, the style of jewelry itself carries emotional stories, or cultural connotations. Taking the crown jewelry styles popular in the market in recent years as an example, the “Crown” series of jewelry designed by Shangmei Paris International based on the crowned crown of Queen Josephine of Napoleon brings people a noble and artistic story, because Queen Josephine is A discerning person with a strong artistic appreciation will inevitably have high requirements for the design of the crown. Napoleon is the heroic French emperor, and the crowning of his beloved queen is naturally as great as possible to make the crown crown luxurious and beautiful. This luxurious beauty and the nobleness of Queen Josephine are also injected into this jewelry. Inspired by this concept, many jewelers launched similar models with crowns. Josephine’s crown does not have intellectual property issues. The artistic shape of the crown is recognized by people. The ring designed by this crown is not only beautiful, but also expands the symmetrical shape of the traditional ring, expands the performance space of the ring, and matches the gemstones. Once this type of style is launched, it is highly sought after by the market, and many private customizations also design styles based on this concept.

What is the value of private custom made brand name jewelry 2

In addition, the shape is emotional. For example, a star wears a “sugar tower” shape with colored gemstones. The “Sugar Tower” shape comes from the innovative style design of the gem cutter. The inspiration for the creation comes from the famous “Pao de Azu car” (Chinese “Bread Mountain”) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This is a plain gem with a rounded top and four sides. The gem dealer is called “Sugarloaf” (bread). The plain styles are all low-grade gems with impurities and low transparency (as opposed to faceted gems), but this “sugar tower” (bread-shaped) shape of plain gemstones is much popular in the market. In addition to the warm luster and beautiful colors it exhibits, its shape is derived from the mountain of nature’s ghostly craftsmanship, which is a magnificent sight full of people. The “sugar tower” shape (Bread Mountain) shape of colored gemstones carries cultural connotations, and has the feeling of admiration and love. This style is not a patent of that person. The private ordering of this style to make jewelry actually borrows popular fashion and is favored by consumers. Art with emotions is easily recognized by consumers for its beauty.

Innovative processes are also attractive. Some of the big-name styles may have innovative craftsmanship, and it is also a place for learning and improving the reference of private custom-made jewelry. For example, some famous brands have launched micro-studded jewellery, and private customization can improve their craftsmanship on the basis of this, and they can be made more refined.

Private customization is a special service for someone, which is a service tailored for a specific person. According to the characteristics of customers, skin color, hand size, wearing method, occasion, clothing color matching, personal preferences, etc. are tailored, and its style and wearing comfort are more suitable for individuals. Commercial activities such as personalized custom jewelry and apparel are high-end business models throughout the world, and have their existing value.

An example similar to brand value is the issue of natural and synthetic diamonds. Even if the quality is the same, there is no difference in appearance, the price of synthetic diamonds is much lower than natural diamonds, which is caused by people’s cultural cognition. “Natural” is the cultural emotion that people admire. It can be understood as a brand. The high price of natural diamonds is the premium of the “natural” brand, which has nothing to do with the beauty of jewelry. This is the same as the branded goods.

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