Cartier juste un clou series pendant high and low version details contrast


Juste un clou as Cartier’s classic series, created by New York ghost designer Aldo cipullo in the 1970s.

The original meaning was “I am a nail”, but Cartier gave a common nail a very different meaning of existence.

The “rejection of mediocrity and publicity of personalities” expressed in this series makes each ordinary day different and becomes a classic symbol of the times.

As a classic style, this is also the “explosion” that we have more daily shipments

Let’s start our theme today, let’s take a look at a comparison chart for a comparison of the two common high and low versions on the market.

cartier juste un clou series pendant Jc

This is a picture taken from the bottom of the product. Obviously, the one on the left is the same product as the genuine one. First of all, our first vision is that the product on the left is smooth and smooth. The overall look is very round and textured. The slight nail head detail treatment is in place, while the product on the right is relatively rough. The polishing of the nail tail on the left is also very delicate. Then talk about the process, the product here uses the micro-mounting process (simply put, inserting six stones in an hour, and inserting the gap of 20 stones in an hour), from the effect point of view, the micro-paneling process is indeed uniform , And the height of each stone is the same, and the micro-inlaid stones are rarely likely to fall.

cartier juste un clou series pendant 1 Jc

The lines on the back are also very obvious in contrast. The goods printed on the left are uniform, small and clear.

cartier juste un clou series pendant Jc

Finally, we introduce the choice of diamonds. First of all, the diamonds on the left are 0.39CT, all in H color, si1 standard, and the diamonds on the right are 0.3CT, J color si2 standard, the difference between the two is dozens of dollars. After all, different customers have different needs.

cartier juste un clou necklace yellow gold diamonds b7224511 1
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