Two-sided collision, it’s me anyway, Cartier presents the new Clash DE Cartier series

Clash de Cartier 2

After its debut in 2019, Clash DE Cartier has captured the attention of the audience with its extraordinary creativity and unconventional design aesthetics.In April this year, Cartier continued to launch a new jewelry collection of The Clash DE Cartier series. Kaya Scodelario, a well-known British actress and model, once again interprets the double-face charm.

Clash de Cartier 1

Cartier boldly USES iconic geometric elements: rivets, beads and square studs to present the Clash DE Cartier series in a smart and clever manner.Sharp, but soft in touch;Bold in shape, but supple and soft;Clash DE Cartier series combines contradictions into unity, and displays double-sided charm: one side is soft and dazzling, while the other is bold and free.

Clash de Cartier 4

Clash DE Cartier continues the essence of the new series, injecting fresh vitality into the series with 18K platinum and Tianhe stone.New 18K platinum works, highlighting the strong and powerful style proposition, and rose gold can play and fold;There is also no rhodium plating, matte texture more rugged temperament, suitable for men to wear.Given a romantic color by its opaque veined light blue texture, the Tianhe stone has played an important decorative role in various ancient civilizations since ancient times.The tianhe stone that brand-new set limit to sell works, deep lake blue and rose gold are bold collision, already unrestrained and resolute, tender and moving, achievement Kadeya is distinctive style extreme product.

Clash de Cartier 3
Clash de Cartier 5

The new Clash DE Cartier series follows the whole set of ingenious and complex connection mechanism created by Cartier Jewelry Workshop: rivets are closely connected, but they move freely, making them perfect.Small parts are secretly connected with each other, but they are all polished meticulously, presenting delicate texture.The whole work seems simple and pure but contains countless talents and skills, showing Cartier exquisite and complex jewelry technology.

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