Appreciate the Serpenti Viper series: Has the snake become modern and lightweight?

Serpenti Viper 15

Bulgari, snake, jewelry, once these three defining words appear together, everyone may have guessed that Serpenti is about to appear. But today in this article, we would like to introduce to you one of the sub-series-Serpenti Viper.

Serpenti Viper 1

We know that Serpenti means “snake” in Italian. But do you know what Viper means? In Chinese, we translate it as “venomous snake”. Combining these two “heavy-weight” words together, I first felt that Serpenti Viper must be very gorgeous and heavy.

If you have the same first feeling as me, then look down, Serpenti Viper will be beyond your expectations.

Serpenti Viper 3
Serpenti Viper 2

First of all, Serpenti Viper’s commercials are somewhat different from the Lingshen series. The Serpenti Viper series of rings and pendants are scattered on a bright orange background, full of summer vitality. Turning my head, the Serpenti Viper series bracelet is placed among the ice cubes again, bringing us the refreshing we expect in summer.

Serpenti Viper 6

In addition to external feelings, have you noticed the jewelry itself? For example, the ear bone clip worn by the model above, arranged in four colors is very individual. At first glance, I thought it was four earrings stacked together, but in fact this is a single earring. 18K rose gold, 18K white gold, 18K gold with black rhodium-plated material, special design can be easily fixed on the ear clip, especially suitable for friends who don’t have (or don’t dare to pierce) pierced ears!

Serpenti Viper 5

Look at these unilateral earrings in another direction. Does it look like a serpentine snake coiling around the ear?

This is the most interesting and special point of Serpenti Viper, that is, the feeling of snake scales is created through each section of 18K gold. Although there is no concrete element such as snake head or snake tail in the jewelry, it can still feel the snake-shaped body. Not only that, in fact, the Serpenti Viper series is different from the classic serpent series in its gorgeous and heavy. This unique craftsmanship of snake scales makes Serpenti Viper very light and modern.

Serpenti Viper 4

Serpenti Viper also took great care in the design and use of materials. For example, these earrings above show different styles through different permutations and combinations of 18K gold and diamonds. If you want to have a dazzling earring with enough budget, then of course the more diamonds, the more shining.

Serpenti Viper 7

In addition to pavé diamonds, the earrings also incorporate a lot of gem materials. For example, the white mother-of-pearl is added to the above. The soft color is very suitable for gentle and intellectual, but there is a little personality in the heart of girls.

Serpenti Viper 8

There are also Serpenti Viper series pendants that are similar to the addition of gemstone rings. The most popular one may be the carnelian model, but in addition, the Serpenti Viper pendant also has white mother-of-pearl, malachite, onyx and diamond pavé styles.

Serpenti Viper 9

After adding gems, Serpenti Viper becomes more enthusiastic, so we can choose solid-color clothes like models to match with it.

Serpenti Viper 10
Serpenti Viper 12

The ring is also constantly updated, from the original style decorated with gray, white mother-of-pearl and carnelian, onyx and malachite are added. Serpenti Viper series rings are divided into thin and standard styles according to the width. The thin model has a layer of pavé diamonds, while the standard model has two layers of pavé diamonds. We will show the single product picture and the wearing picture separately, and you can compare them.

Serpenti Viper 11
Serpenti Viper 13

In addition, the color of malachite or onyx is relatively dark, so boys will not feel surprised to wear it, or buying two widths as a couple or wedding ring is also a good choice!

Serpenti Viper 14

Serpenti Viper series bracelets also have thin options, from the original 6 mm bracelet width to the thin 4 mm, the appearance looks more lightweight. Wear it, because the width of the thin model is relatively narrow, if the budget is sufficient, stacking is a good method.

Since the Serpenti Viper series came out in 2017, it has always been updated and changed in the details. Wearing the Serpenti Viper series, it may take others to look at it to find out, but if you like the feeling of “hidden”, Serpenti Viper happens to be right for you.

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