Piaget’s most popular Possession series has new products

piagets possession 14

Piaget Possession series, a keyword I have to say is-rotation. Because that ring with a rotatable ring is simply too popular! I still remember that in the new Possession series of advertising campaigns last year, I inadvertently moved the picture of the Possession ring, and I could not help but touch my index finger.

piagets possession 1
piagets possession 2

Now Possession rings have launched several new products, all made of 18K white gold. One of them is equipped with a diamond-set rotatable ring, returning to the shape of the first Possession ring. But if you are a Possession fan, you may find that this new product looks very similar to the previous wedding ring.

piagets possession 3

The above is the previous Possession wedding ring. On the contrary, the width of the new ring has been reduced from the original 4.7 mm to 4.5 mm. The number of diamonds installed on the central rotating ring has not changed much, but the diamonds on the new ring are well cut and increased in size, so the new product looks even more exciting.

piagets possession 4

Another new white gold ring continues the previous rose gold model in style, with two rotating rings, one large and one small. In the center of the large diamond pavé rotatable ring, there is also a half moon inlaid. diamond.

piagets possession 5

In addition to the introduction of new rings, the Possession series also introduced new necklaces, earrings and bracelets. One of the biggest changes is undoubtedly Possession time to run the necklace! We know that in addition to the rotating ring, the metal sphere is another iconic design in the Possession series. But in the new necklace, the classic sphere becomes a hemisphere design.

piagets possession 6
piagets possession 9

And the central rose gold (or platinum) hemisphere adopts a slidable design, which can slide up and down on the chain to adjust the length of the wear, and it can also present a symmetrical or asymmetrical shape. The letter P on the buckle of the necklace is also very interesting. It is the first letter of Piaget and a symbol of Possession.

piagets possession 8
piagets possession 7

There is also a new necklace, the pendant also consists of a rotatable ring and a K gold hemisphere. New products not only try to innovate in styling, but more importantly, Piaget also launched a brand new lettering service this year. You can engrave a commemorative date, special letters, or lucky numbers on the back of this pendant… Does this look more exclusive?

piagets possession 11

Of course, the sphere design has not been completely “replaced”. The new platinum pendant above has returned to a full and round sphere design. The pendant uses the “snowflake mosaic” process, even though it is only 15 mm wide, it is inlaid with 203 large and small diamonds! The diamonds are close together like snowflakes, making the pendant look extraordinarily clear and sparkling.

piagets possession 10

The new Possession earrings also have new shapes: a gold chain connects the rose gold beads at the end and the end, and the gold beads on the upper end also surround a rotatable ring inlaid with diamonds. There are many ways to wear earrings. You can wear the upper diamond ring studs alone, or combine them with a gold chain as shown in the picture, or wear them asymmetrically.

piagets possession 12

In addition, there is also an open circle earrings. The semi-open design has become popular in the jewelry circle. With the rotating circle and pavé diamonds, Possession’s familiar “recipe” is back

piagets possession 13

The half-open design can be used not only on earrings, but also on the new Possession bracelets, such as the above carnelian open bracelet, which is a combination of rose gold and carnelian. Possession has launched many models before. It looks a bit like “multiple births”, but each bracelet looks different.

In contrast, can you see where the new model is? As a reminder, the details are on both ends of the bracelet.

piagets possession 15

How can the bracelet be sublimated after half-opening? This double-circle bracelet gives the answer, which is also the last new product introduced in this article! The design of the bracelet extends the open design. The double-circle shape brings a rare sense of streamline to the Possession series, and the rose gold is polished very smoothly, adding a new flavor to the modern atmosphere.

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