We have customised 1000s of watches, some are Perfect Jewelry creations, and others are to our clients specifications:

This before & after gallery we have created to show the broad range of customisations that we can complete. Sometimes it’s difficult to explain what we do, especially to new clients. We believe a visual representation shows the scope of what we can achieve. 

Perfect Jewelry Factory 2048x2048 2
Whilst trying to keep how we customise/diamond set watches as close as possible to the factory setting styles, we are often (and love to be) challenged by our clients imaginations. In fact some of the most popular creations have come from a clients bespoke request. 

This gallery shows some of the watches that were completed in 2019. For more before and after pictures/videos check out our Facebook page, especially our story galleries.

If you would like to discuss customising your own timepiece or ordering a bespoke Perfect Jewelry custom watch – please contact us.