8 High Jewelry at Bulgari Launch

8 High Jewelry at Bulgari Launch

Bulgari presented their latest high jewelry collection Magnificent Inspirations, set in the eternal blue of the French Riviera. Celebrating the brand’s Italian heritage, the collection was divided into three chapters. Italian Feast, Mediterranean Eden and Roman Heritage, depicting the sweet Italian landscape of life in warm tones of gold, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds. Bulgari presented […]

About Van Cleef & Arpels High Jewelry Collection

About Van Cleef & Arpels High Jewelry Collection

Just this year, the renowned French jeweler Van Cleef & Arpels unveiled its new fine jewelry collection Sous Les Étoiles during Paris Haute Couture Week. 150 stunning pieces in a variety of styles, from striking necklaces to timepieces, are a magnificent exploration of the stars, the sky and the wonders of galaxies near and far. […]

Bulgari 2020 High Jewelry Appreciation | A “Baroque” carnival about precious colored gemstones around the world

Perfect 18k gold custom jewelry factory. 1:1 custom luxury brand jewelry and watches,18K Gold of the same purity and diamonds of the same grade,located in Shenzhen,China.

I don’t know if any friends have studied European art style? Recently I became fascinated by the Baroque art, which originated in Rome, Italy around 1600, and then spread to most parts of Europe and became popular. Speaking of the Baroque style, there are many representatives, such as the Fountain of Four Rivers located in […]

Cartier High Jewelry Appreciation 2020 | A Natural Interpretation of “Supernatural”

Cartier [SUR]NATUREL High Jewelry Collection PANTHÈRE TROPICALE Bracelet Watch

Natural elements are inexhaustible”, this is the feeling that my friends and I have expressed during the holiday. What we mean by means such as the shape of water, the patterns of animals, the lines of plants, etc. come from nature. Elements (not natural resources). These are also valuable inspirations for the achievement of high-end […]

Alexandre Benjamin Navet X Van Cleef & Arpels Collide different artistic dialogues

Alexandre Benjamin Navet 3

I heard that Van Cleef & Arpels collaborated with a young French artist to bring a different kind of flower blood to this jewelry garden. Last week 18kcustomjewelry came to Beijing Van Cleef & Arpels boutique, in the shop I personally saw the colorful art decoration. In addition to the eye-catching shop display, Van Cleef […]

Girls need to understand the basic styles of luxury jewelry (2)-Van Cleef & Arpels, Tiffany, Chanel

van cleef arpels tiffany chanel 1

Last week, I counted the entry-level jewelry of Cartier, Piaget and Bulgari. I wonder if it helped you understand the brand jewelry? Do you feel that you are still unfulfilled? So, with a kind heart, I have organized Van Cleef & Arpels, Tiffany, and Chanel’s entry-level jewellery for everyone today. Let’s go and take a […]

Piaget’s most popular Possession series has new products

piagets possession 14

Piaget Possession series, a keyword I have to say is-rotation. Because that ring with a rotatable ring is simply too popular! I still remember that in the new Possession series of advertising campaigns last year, I inadvertently moved the picture of the Possession ring, and I could not help but touch my index finger. Now […]

Appreciate the Serpenti Viper series: Has the snake become modern and lightweight?

Serpenti Viper 15

Bulgari, snake, jewelry, once these three defining words appear together, everyone may have guessed that Serpenti is about to appear. But today in this article, we would like to introduce to you one of the sub-series-Serpenti Viper. We know that Serpenti means “snake” in Italian. But do you know what Viper means? In Chinese, we […]

Two-sided collision, it’s me anyway, Cartier presents the new Clash DE Cartier series

Clash de Cartier 2

After its debut in 2019, Clash DE Cartier has captured the attention of the audience with its extraordinary creativity and unconventional design aesthetics.In April this year, Cartier continued to launch a new jewelry collection of The Clash DE Cartier series. Kaya Scodelario, a well-known British actress and model, once again interprets the double-face charm. Cartier […]

Girls need to understand the basic styles of luxury jewelry (1)-Cartier, Piaget, Bulgari

18k custom jewelry

Women’s love for jewelry is just like men’s love for cars. One person treats a car as a treasure. A woman is also interested in those lovely jewelry. As a girl, she should know the entry-level models of luxury brand jewelry in order to choose jewelry that shows her unique charm, because those top jewelry […]

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