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Shaped Diamond Size Comparison Table, Various Shapes of Diamond Size Comparison


In addition to round diamonds, other diamond shapes are called “shaped diamonds”, and these different shapes of shaped diamonds also have their own weight and size correspondence. The following is a comparison table of the size of shaped diamonds and their physical comparison. Princess square diamond size comparison The standard size of a princess square […]

8 High Jewelry at Bulgari Launch

8 High Jewelry at Bulgari Launch

Bulgari presented their latest high jewelry collection Magnificent Inspirations, set in the eternal blue of the French Riviera. Celebrating the brand’s Italian heritage, the collection was divided into three chapters. Italian Feast, Mediterranean Eden and Roman Heritage, depicting the sweet Italian landscape of life in warm tones of gold, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds. Bulgari presented […]

About Van Cleef & Arpels High Jewelry Collection

About Van Cleef & Arpels High Jewelry Collection

Just this year, the renowned French jeweler Van Cleef & Arpels unveiled its new fine jewelry collection Sous Les Étoiles during Paris Haute Couture Week. 150 stunning pieces in a variety of styles, from striking necklaces to timepieces, are a magnificent exploration of the stars, the sky and the wonders of galaxies near and far. […]

A Full Introduction to Diamond Grading Standards, Diamond Grading, Diamond Grading Comparison Table

Diamond Grading

Internationally, diamond grades are assessed mainly based on diamond weight, diamond color, diamond clarity, and diamond cut. However, in addition, diamond fluorescence, Milky, Caffeine, etc. are also within the diamond grade classification standards. The price also has a certain impact, the following is a perfect introduction to the diamond grading standards, and a detailed diamond […]

Is there any value in custom jewelry in the same style as the brand’s jewelry?

18k custom jewelry

What is the value of customized brand jewelry? A customer often asks a question. Is it worthwhile for a privately ordered brand of the same type of goods? To answer this question, we first listen to a true story. The handmade yak velvet scarf and handmade yak leather bag in Tibet were the same item. […]

Red coral is so expensive, how to maintain it?

marli cleo small diamond hoop earrings sea blue chalcedony -cleo-e12

Coral is a kind of marine coelenterate. The skeleton left by coral insects after death is coral, and its basic ingredient is calcium carbonate or pectin. Most of the red, pink, and white corals are composed of calcium carbonate, CaCO3, while the black and gold corals are composed of the horny substance of “isothetin” And […]

The world’s top ten luxury jewelry brands

Perfect 18k gold custom jewelry factory. 1:1 custom luxury brand jewelry and watches,18K Gold of the same purity and diamonds of the same grade,located in Shenzhen,China. We hope you enjoy exploring and choosing your beautiful jewelry. Not only do we have brand jewelry,we can also customize it. Make your jewelry unique.we are committed to providing excellent jewelry ordering experience for customers all over the world.

Women are exquisite and confident because of jewelry, and jewelry is glorious because of women; remember a celebrity who said: “Diamonds are naturally attractive to women!” The New York Luxury Research and Investigation Agency recently conducted a “Luxury Value Index” survey on top jewelry brands among high-end consumers, and released the top ten jewelry brands […]

What are the ten most famous works in the jewelry industry?

crown and scepter of the british empire 1

In the long history of jewelry and various subdivisions, each historical stage, each country, and even each subdivision has its most influential and representative jewelry. If it is said that the most well-known and most universally-known jewelry at the moment, all are intertwined with the top power, the most beautiful woman, and the most romantic […]

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